Andon Systems and OEE are now Mobile for Lean Manufacturing

Andon OEE System BrochureAndOnMobile is a lean manufacturing solution combining Andon and OEE systems. Designed to reduce down time and increase production efficiency. It’s “pre-programmed” so just plug it in and begin your performance journey.

 Our intelligent Andon system signals a LED stack light and provides the reason why. This notification reason is displayed on scoreboards or other smart devices via Wi-Fi.  You know instantly when the line is down or needs assistance, and you also know the reason.  All data is conveniently logged in a user-friendly format and can be downloaded to produce various reports.    

Flat panel displays provides a visual display of production metrics including Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), takt time, and others. You can see the number of units produced per hour in real-time.  At a glance, management can know how production is running from their desktop or smart device. Even off site through a web browser.  Production data is provided in real time all the time. 

AndOnMobile incorporates Power Over Ethernet (POE), MP3 Audio Annunciation, and bar code scanning to provide the most cost effective installation.  Wireless or wired Human Machine Interface (HMI) devices (tablets) communicate with an industrial PLC to display production performance data on various devices such as digital LED displays.  The “plug & play” design incorporates your specifications and nomenclature.




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